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Eau Littoral

Presentation and objectives

The objective of this specialty is to offer theoretical and practical multidisciplinary training in the development, management and protection of coastal and maritime areas. It is based on lessons in science, law, geography and economics. It has a double purpose Professional and Research.


The training aims in particular to know:

- maritime trades and coastal activities (fishing,
aquaculture, shellfish farming, etc.)
- socio-economic actors in the coastal area
- the administrative and legislative framework in the coastal area
and maritime
- methods for managing and protecting
coastal ecosystems
- bases of construction engineering or
rehabilitation of coastal or port facilities
- specific risks associated with the coastal area

Présentation du Master Eau Littoral

Présentation du Master Eau Littoral

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This course is open to work-study (apprenticeship and professional contract) in Master 1 and/or Master 2.

Terms of access

For the Master 1 Eau Littoral, we accept candidates on file for holders of a license in line with the course.


More information on the "Application" page.

Training content

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

- Coastal environments
- Dynamics and coastal risks
- Communication techniques
- Thematic English 1
- Bibliographic project
- Project management

4 units to choose from:

- Water cycle and BV
- Contaminants in the aquatic environment and sustainable development
- Functioning of aquatic ecosystems
- Actors and regulation issues
- From planning to land management
- Water and agriculture: Issues and scientific questions
- Operation of Hydrosystems
- Water treatment and purification by-products sectors
- Statistics

- Advances on coastal resources and Ecology
- Integrated management of wetlands
- Thematic English 2
- Critical approach to water management
- GIS practice
- Tender

- M1 internship in a company, organization or laboratory (2 months)


3 teaching units to choose from:

- Water quality and microbiology
- Introduction to programming and calculation tools
- Introduction to the R language
- Underground hydrodynamics
- Resource climate and flows

- Economics and law of the coastal environment and the seas
- Water management in the coastal area
- Set up and management of environmental projects
- Living language
- Case study and development of environmental projects
- Environmental parameters and dynamics
- GIS mapping and image communication
- Sea and coastal activities and trades
- From development to coastal management
- Professionalizing techniques

Semester 4

- M2 internship in a laboratory or in a company (6 months)


Severin Pistre

University of Montpellier (Responsible)


Tel: +33 (0)

Yann Leredde

University of Montpellier (Responsible)



Lucie Dupuy de Crescenzo

University of Montpellier (M1 Secretariat)


Tel: +33 (0)4 67 14 90 33

Nadine Peres

University of Montpellier (M2 Secretariat)


Tel: +33 (0)4 67 14 36 34

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