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The Master in Water Sciences can be done alternately, according to two devices detailed below:

Apprenticeship contract

Initial training


Students aged 16 to 29

Students recognized as workers 

disabled without age limit


Public, Private, EPIC, Associations

Professional contract

Continuing education

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No age limit

Private, EPIC, Associations

Contract length

Between 1 and 3 years

Flexible start date and duration

training duration

Minimum 25% of contract duration

(on a basis of 35 hours per week)

Between 15% and 25% of the

total duration of the contract

Minimum 150h/year


Between 65% and 100% of the SMIC

It is up to the company to choose the device that best suits

(different management and financing methods)

The student alternates throughout the year between a period in training and a period in a company,with blocks generally lasting 3 to 5 weeks.

Click below to download the work-study calendar for Master 1 and Master 2.

Calendriers de l'Alternance M2

Work-study training: rights and duties

A work-study student has a dual status: student and employee and therefore combines the rights and duties relating to these two statuses.

Work-study training offers advantages:

  • Professional experience valued in the labor market

  • Easier employment(with an equivalent CV, the employer is more oriented towards the work-study student rather than the student from a classic course)

  • Remuneration monthly

  • Training for free and benefits specific to the company (health insurance, food vouchers, etc...)

Pay attention, however, to the fast pace of work, the work-study student having to manage university life and the professional life:

  • Same number of training hours as a non-work-study student

  • Work in a company in addition and no university holidays but paid vacation in company

Watch these two learning videos!

Would you like to know more ?


Marina Hery

Work-study project manager at the Water Master


Emilie Ribeiro

Myriam Sanchez

Celine Alignan

Learning development officer


Tel: 04 34 43 21 44- 07 71 50 07 49

Line Riviere

Administrative Manager


Tel: 04 34 43 21 34


Professional contract

Continuing education service of Institut Agro

Marie Perriot


Tel: 04 34 43 21 85

UM Continuing Education Service

Water Resources, Coastal Water, Water and Health Contaminants

Water Agriculture, Water and Society course

Fabien Prévot


Tel: 04 99 61 25 14

Catherine Redortier

AgroParisTech continuing education service

Water Agriculture, Water and Society course

Isabelle Chang

Tel: 04 67 04 71 08

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