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Thèses et post-doc: "Modelling nature-based solutions for fluvial flood risk reduction

à l'Université de Liège, Urban & Environnemental Engineering, Belgique

The research groupHydraulics in Environmental & Civil Engineering(HECE) of the University

of Liege is seekingdoctoraland postdoctoralcandidates for conducting researchin

projects related tonature-based solutions for flood risk management.

The groupHECE leadsbasic and applied research in the fields ofhydrology,flood risk

management, hydraulicengineeringas well asfluvial hydrodynamics.The researchbuilds

upon a tight coupling betweencomputational modellingand laboratory experiments.

The group develops the modelling system WOLF, which includes rainfall-runoff models as

well as 1Dand2Dflow and transport models. It is based on an in-house developed finite

volume numerical scheme and is equipped withadedicated GIS-type user interface. WOLF

is routinelyusedfor education, consultancy and research(link).

The groupalso operates a unique experimental facility (1,100 m2), equipped with state-of-

the-art measurement techniques(ADVP, LS-PIV,laser profilometry...).

The group HECE is part of the Research unitUrban & Environmental Engineering(link), with

25 faculty staff and 100+ researchers.

Voir le détail du poste ci-dessous :

Call_2023 - NBS
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